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Séminaire : « Immortal Egypt. The Afterlife of Egypt in Early Modern Visual Art », Londres, Warburg Institute, 2-3 mars 2023 / Rome, Bibliotheca Hertziana, 13-14 avril 2023 / Paris, INHA, 1er-2 juin 2023

In ancient Egypt, Ba was the name given to an immaterial manifestation of a mummified human which flew away after death but always returned, bringing light and nourishment. Like the Ba, the ghost of ancient Egypt haunts the collective memory in an eternal return and by reflecting itself in the changing mirror of history. Immortal Egypt is a series of international workshops devoted to the way artists looked at the land of the pharaohs –...

Parution : Jennifer Cochran Anderson et Douglas N. Dow (dir.), Visualizing the Past in Italian Renaissance Art, Leyde, Brill, 2021

The essays in Visualizing the Past in Italian Renaissance Art address a foundational concept that was as central to early modern thinking as it is to our own: that the past is always an important part of the present. Written by the friends, students, and colleagues of Dr. Brian Curran, former professor of Art History at the Pennsylvania State University, these authors demonstrate how reverberations of the past within the present are intrinsic to the ways in...

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