Print Quarterly – Volume XXXVI – numéro 1 – March 2019

Print Quarterly – Volume XXXVI – numéro 1 – March 2019



Rhoda Eitel-Porter, Drawings for the Woodcut Illustration to Alessandro Vellutello’s 1544 Commentary on Dante’s Comedia

Joseph Connors, The Portuguese Genealogy of Wenceslaus Hollar and the Lost lisbon Monuments by François Duquesnoy

Niccolo d’Agati, Fox-Hunt Garbage : Umberto Boccioni and British Illustration

Shorter Notice

Donatella Biagi Maino, Gaetano Gandolfi’s Albim of Prints by Giambattista and Giandomenico Tiepolo


Catalogue and Book Reviews

Femke Speelberg, Prints at the Court of Fontainebleau

Michael Bury, After Michelangelo

Antony Griffiths, La Dynastie Bonnart

Mark Mcdonald, Enlightened Collector and Writer Cean Bermudez

Mary Weather Chapin, Prints in Paris c. 1900


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