Parution : Constance Moffatt et Sara Taglialagamba (dir.), Leonardo da Vinci – Nature and Architecture, Leyde, Brill, 2019

The second volume of Leonardo Studies explores a dual theme of nature and architecture, offering a wide-ranging overview of current Leonardo scholarship on these two abundant subjects. While Leonardo worked on his Treatise on Painting, he noted that understanding the physical properties of nature must precede individual projects of painting or designing buildings. The volume begins with the Trattato, and follows with physics, geology, painting that imitates architectural structure and vice-versa, and proceeds to architectural projects, questions of attribution, urban planning, and and the dissemination of Leonardo’s writings in the Trattato and its historiography. This impressive group of articles constitutes not only new research, but also a departure point for future studies on these topics.

Contributors are: Janis Bell, Andrea Bernardoni, Marco Carpiceci, Paolo Cavagnero, Fabio Colonnese, Kay Etheridge, Diane Ghirardo, Claudio Giorgione, Domenico Laurenza, Catherine Lucheck, Silvio Mara, Jill Pederson, Richard Schofield, Sara Taglialagamba, Cristiano Tessari, Marco Versiero, and Raffaella Zama.

Constance Moffatt, Ph.D. (1992), UCLA. Professor Emeritus of Art History, Los Angeles Pierce College. Her interests and publications are on the Sforza family of Milan, Vigevano, architectural history, and Leonardo da Vinci, She is Editor-in-Chief (with Sara Taglialagamba) of the Leonardo Studies series.

Sara Taglialagamba, Ph.D. (2010), Siena University, is Co-Director of the Rossana & Carlo Pedretti Foundation and a Post PhD at EPHE at Sorbonne (Paris). She has published many articles and books on Leonardo, including I cento disegni più belli di Leonardo with Carlo Pedretti.


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