Exposition : « La Serenissima : Drawing in Venice from the 16th to the 18th Century », Stuttgart – Staatsgalerie, du 11 octobre 2019 au 2 février 2020

In no other country is the diversity and individuality of regional styles as pronounced as it is in Italy, and nowhere else is this singularity of a regional style more striking than in Venice. The uniquely atmospheric light of the city reflected by the shimmering waters of the lagoon converges with the hazy, vaporous air to create a very special visual experience, which inspired Venetian painters and draughtsmen alike. ‘Sprezzatura’, nonchalance, became a leitmotif. The line, often drawn with a quill pen, takes the lead – dynamic, vibrant, with seemingly effortless grace, like the reflection of the sunlight dancing on the water. Complementing the exhibition »Tiepolo«, the Graphik Kabinett….


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