Appel à communication : « La Vierge Marie dans les Arts visuels », Sixteenth Century Society and Conference, La Nouvelle-Orléans, 16-19 Octobre 2014

Date limite de l’appel à communication : 30 mars 2014

Visuel - AC SCSC 16-19 Octobre 2014Mary in the Visual Arts of Early Modern Europe and its Colonies

Those of us who study representations of the Virgin Mary in the Early Modern period are often met with a version of the adage “If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all!” Yet, the cult of the Virgin Mary in this period was shaped, and reshaped, by profound religious, political, and social changes that resulted in the production of distinct Marian images.

This session calls for studies of Madonna images that highlight this point. Possible lines of inquiry for prospective papers include analysis of Marian artworks in relation to contemporary doctrinal and artistic debates; patterns of daily devotion and liturgical functions; exegetical and poetic texts; issues of sacred female corporeality, exemplarity, and gendered spectatorship. Case studies from across Europe and its colonies are welcome.

Ideally, the session will reflect diversity in approaches—e.g., archival, material, iconological, socio-historical, anthropological, semiotic. With an emphasis on varied regional and cultural geographies, it seeks to foster dialogue among scholars of the art and cult of the Virgin Mary in the Early Modern period.

Propositions de communication :

Un résumé de 250 mots et un bref C.V. à Kim Butler Wingfield ( et Esperança Camara (

Source : H-ArtHist, 17 mars 2014, The Virgin Mary in the Visual Arts (SCSC, New Orleans, 16-19 Oct 14).


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