Parution : L. Bosch, « Mannerism, Spirituality and Cognition. The Art Of Enargeia », Routledge, 2020

This book employs a new approach to the art of sixteenth-century Europe by incorporating rhetoric and theory to enable a reinterpretation of elements of Mannerism as being grounded in sixteenth-century spirituality.

Lynette M. F. Bosch examines the conceptual vocabulary found in sixteenth-century treatises on art from Giorgio Vasari to Federico Zuccari, which analyses how language and spirituality complement the visual styles of Mannerism. By exploring the way in which writers from Leone Ebreo to Gabriele Paleotti describe the interaction between art and spirituality, Bosch establishes a religious base for the language of art in sixteenth-century Europe.

Table of contents:

Prologue. Mannerism (A Personal History)

Introduction. Approaching Mannerism

1. From the Ars Nova to the Maniera Moderna

2. From Lifelike to Living: Enargeia and the Maniera Moderna

3. Enargeia, Spirituality and Maniera: From St. Paul to Vasari

4. From Leone Ebreo to Federico Zuccari: God’s Plan for Art

5. Maniera: A History

Conclusion. Mannerism, Mysticism and Cognition


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