Parution : Lucia Tantardini and Rebecca Norris, Lomazzo’s Aesthetic Principles Reflected in the Art of his Time, Leyde, Brill, 2020

This volume explores the influence that Lomazzo exerted on his contemporaries. It opens with two critical essays on Lomazzo’s fortuna critica (Foreword and Introduction). The following contributions focus on 1) Lomazzo’s reflection on Gaudenzio Ferrari; 2) Lomazzo’s paintings; 3) Lomazzo’s influence on printmaking with Ambrogio Brambilla; 4) on painting and drawing with Aurelio Luini; 5) on embroidery with Caterina Cantoni; 6) on his pupils Ambrogio Figino and Girolamo Ciocca; and finally, 7) on sculpture.

The first collection of essays on this subject, this volume bridges the scholarship, hitherto disjoined, on Lomazzo-theorist and Lomazzo-artist. It expands our understanding on a pillar of Renaissance art theory reuniting generations of scholars, from Ciardi, the father of Lomazzo’s scholarship, to Chai, Marr, and others.

Contributors include Alessia Alberti, Federico Cavalieri, Jean Julia Chai, Roberto Paolo Ciardi, Alexander Marr, Silvia Mausoli, Mauro Pavesi, Rossana Sacchi, Paolo Sanvito, and Lucia Tantardini.


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