Appel à communication : “Painted Faces: Documenting the Frescoed Façade in Renaissance Rome and Beyond”, Dublin, RSA 2021, date limite le 13 juillet 2020

In early sixteenth-century Rome, as the architectural language of grand domestic spaces was being further refined, elaborate façade fresco decorations became popular. These cycles, some of which were designed to root the structure (and its owner) in Roman antiquity and others which aimed to make a humble space more imposing, were celebrated in their day and even documented (albeit sporadically) by artists. This session welcomes papers that explore frescoed facades in Rome and beyond from various perspectives, such as earlier roots, relations to other cities in Italy (such as Venice, where the tradition has been more extensively studied), or “painted faces” as a mode of artistic exchange.

Please send proposals to the organizer by Monday, July 13, 2020.  Paper proposals must include:

·     Abstract (150 words max)

·     Paper title (25 words max)

·     Your full name, current affiliation, email address, and Ph.D. completion date (past or expected)

·     A brief c.v. (300 words max, and must be in a list – not narrative – form)

·     A list of keywords (8 max)

*Please note: Speakers must become RSA members by November 1 to speak at the conference.

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