Appel à communication : Symbols and Appropriations: “Constructing Identities in Early Modern and Renaissance Italy (1350-1600)”, Dublin, RSA 2021, date limite le 3 juillet 2020

Renaissance Society of America Annual Meeting

Dublin, 7-10 April 2021

Through history and times, architecture has always been used to express cultural messages and a social status. Since the Late Middle Ages and then throughout the whole Renaissance, the rising and developing system of Italian cities took extensive advantage from the evocative symbols of classical and Christian tradition, and borrowed elements from the past to create “emotional” architectures. Thus, by constructing new buildings and urban patterns, new identities were forged too, engaging citizens and users on social, political and cultural issues.

This panel invites papers addressing the role of the architecture as a way to arouse or conceal emotions, to build consensus through shared values, or to reconnect the urban community to its alleged ancestry. These could include, among others, studies on urban aspects, as well as on the reuse of spolia and the reinterpretation of classical standard models.

Interested panelists should send an abstract (200 words) and CV to Dr. Francesca Lembo-Fazio ( and Valentina Tomassetti ( by July 3, 2020.



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