Conférences en ligne : « The Medici and Their Archives : Artistic Patronage and Diplomacy », The Medici Archive Project, 6-11 juillet 2020


The Medici Archive Project is pleased to announce the free Online Lectures Series The Medici and Their Archives: Artistic Patronage and Diplomacy, that will be held on Zoom, July 6-11, 2020.

Although the series will be open to everyone, we particularly welcome the participation of graduate and postgraduates students.

Schedule and description :

  • Monday –  July 6th  (6-7:30 PM) : THE ARCHIVE OF THE MEDICI IN THE QUATTROCENTO (ca. 1300-ca. 1530):  THE MEDICEO AVANTI IL PRINCIPATO  (Marcello Simonetta)

The Mediceo Avanti Principato contains mostly letters from the early fifteenth century to the late 1520s. We will approach it focusing on case studies in diplomatic and economic history, and even cryptography and conspiracy.

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  • Tuesday – July 7th  (6-7:30 PM) : THE ARCHIVE OF THE MEDICI GRAND DUKES (1532-1743): THE MEDICEO DEL PRINCIPATO  (Alessio Assonitis)

An in-depth historical and structural analysis of the letters and avvisi in the Medici Grand Ducal Archive (Mediceo del Principato, 1537-1753) at the Archivio di Stato in Florence.  This collection offers an incomparable panorama of human history, expressed through the words of the people most immediately involved, opening new windows onto the political, diplomatic, gastronomic, economic, artistic, scientific, military and medical culture of early modern Tuscany and Europe.

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Discussion of the organization of the administrative office devoted to the provision, supervision, documentation, and circulation of material goods at the Medici Grand Ducal court, including furniture, silverware, works of art, etc., by means of an analysis of the written records generated by this office.

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  • Thursday –  July 9th (6-7:30 PM) : THE CONSTRUCTION OF THE JEWISH GHETTO IN FLORENCE (Gabriele Mancuso)

The Medici archives – especially the Mediceo del Principato collection – contain several documents directly or indirectly concerning the Jews or dealing with events that involved them. These documents included also letters written by the court to the Jews, mostly people living and operating outside the ducal/grand ducal state. The aim of this session is to offer a concise but also comprehensive view on the several documents of Jewish interest (circa 2000) recently found in the Medici archive.

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  • Friday –  July 10th  (6-7:30 PM) : FAMILY ARCHIVES IN TUSCANY  (Pasquale Focarile)

This session aims to provide theoretical and practical instruments to conduct scholarly research on the archives of Tuscan noble families. After a brief historical introduction on the formation of family archives, special attention will be paid on their modern structure and identify the principal typologies of the documents contained. The examination of the documents will not only emphasize historical connections, but also indicate fruitful research tracks.

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  • Saturday –  July 11th (6-7:30 PM) : FLORENTINE ACADEMIES AND THEIR ARCHIVES (Carlotta Paltrinieri)

Academies played a central role in the cultural politics of the Medici and in the formation of linguistic and aesthetic canons. This lecture will explore the archival collections of the three Medicean academies: Accademia del Disegno, Accademia Fiorentina, and Accademia della Crusca and their evolution. Particular attention will be given to the historiographical lacunae and to different methodological approaches.

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