Table ronde : « Illusion, Scale, Ritual: Revisiting Reception », session de la RSA, en ligne, le 15 avril

Illusion, Scale, Ritual: Revisiting Reception – RSA Virtual 2021

Organizers :

Elisabeth Doulkaridou
Valentina Hristova

Abstract :

When it comes to contextualizing works of Renaissance art, an open and creative approach to reception is essential, especially when the object of study is not an easel painting. John Shearman’s Only Connect spurred numerous studies that have suggested complementary
methods of understanding through social history and anthropology. The performative aspect of images has also been an object of study in recent years. At the same time, visual semiotics propose fascinating interpretations of complex visual systems such as monumental fresco cycles. This roundtable will discuss the various approaches that enrich our understanding of reception and its aesthetics. Combining theory and concrete examples from their respective fields of research (illuminated manuscripts, large-scale decorations,
and the representation of sound, visual wit), the discussants will exchange views on current reception challenges and will discuss with the audience. Finally, they will try to propose how these methodologies can move forward.

Session Monitor :

  • Elisabeth Doulkaridou ENSSIB/Paris 1

Participants :

  • Elena M. Calvillo University of Richmond
  • Bret L. Rothstein Indiana University
  • Ralph Dekoninck Université catholique de Louvain
  • Nicolas Cordon Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne
  • Pauline Lafille Université de Limoges


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