Victor M. Schmidt is associate professor of art history at Utrecht University. His major area of expertise is late Medieval and Renaissance art, with special reference to panel painting, the typology and function of art objects, iconography and iconology, the social position of the artist, and early art theory and historiography. His publications in these areas include: ‘Italian Panel Painting of the Duecento and Trecento’ (Washington, 2002); ‘Painted Piety: Panel Paintings for Personal Devotion in Tuscany, 1250-1400’ (Florence, 2005); ‘The Altar and its Environment, 1150-1400 (Studies in the Visual Cultures of the Middle Ages, 4 – Turnhout, 2010. Edited with Justin Kroesen); and now ‘Stendardi e gonfaloni processionali dalle Marche. Tardo medioevo e Rinascimento’ (Fermignano 2020).