Appel à communication : « Framing the multimodality of early modern images : agency, performance and medialogy to study artefacts », RSA, Dublin 2022, date limite le 27 juillet 2021

Understanding paintings and sculptures as a « dispositif » (De Certeau, Agamben) has become a new research approach in the Humanities in recent years. Visual anthropology  and cognition are nowadays commonly used to explore how early modern images work within a process of production, mediation and reception (Freedberg & Gallese ; Belting). However, Visual semiology, Information and Communication Sciences are yet to be invested in a fruitful medialogy that could provide a bridge between disciplines.

Studying interpersonal and collective dynamics and mediation processes (Mucchielli) allows a transdisciplinary cultural history of artefacts to better understand representations, social and individual identities but also how images are used to perform and mediate meaning and symbol that can also change through use (Jeanneret).

This panel investigates how we can use new sets of thinking to analyse late medieval and early modern images, their agency and their multi-modality (Gell).

We are seeking innovative papers exploring, yet not necessarily limited to, the following topics during the late medieval and the early modern periods :

  • artefacts and the way they function in diverse states and contexts of reception
  • visual performances or assemblages combining several types of artistic media
  • the viewer experience of visual dispositifs

Depending on how many participants, papers should be no longer than 20-30 minutes.

If interested, send Marianne Cailloux a brief resume (.pdf or .doc), a presentation abstract (150 word max) and a brief title (no more than 15 words) by July 27.


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