Appel à communication : « Facciati Dipinti e Parlante: New Investigations of the Frescoed Façade in Italy », RSA, Dublin 2022, date limite le 1er août 2021

Though its remains are vanishing rapidly, the frescoed façade tradition of the Italian peninsula has enjoyed a recent resurgence in interest among scholars for the variety and ingenuity these painted faces revealed. From desires to root structures in antiquity to simply dressing one’s dwelling to make a humble space more imposing or on trend, these facades tell their own stories of artistic innovation, symbolic meaning, and visual presence among the bustling streets of many Italian urban centers. This session welcomes papers that explore frescoed facades from various perspectives. Areas of inquiry might include the investigation of specific visual legacies; the probing of modes of artistic exchange among artists who specialized in frescoed or sgraffitoed design; the interplay between textual inscriptions and visual imagery; or the connections between urban centers within the Italian peninsula and beyond.
Those interested in contributing to this session should email the following to session organizer Alexis Culotta ( by 1 August 2021:
– paper title (15-word maximum)
– paper abstract (150-word maximum)
– short resume (.pdf or .doc upload)
– PhD or other terminal degree completion year (past or expected)
– full name, current affiliation, and email address
– primary discipline (list of RSA disciplines for 2021-22:

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