Colloque : “Materials of Early Modern Fashion”, en ligne, 7-8 octobre 2021

Materials of Early Modern Fashion is a conference exploring the variety of different materials used in the construction of clothes and accessories in the 16th and 17th centuries.



DAY ONE: Thursday 7 October 2021


10.00 – 11.20: Materials and Global Trade

Ana Howie – Global Materials, Global Identities: Cosmopolitan Dressing in van Dyck’s Balbi Children

Hugh Chevis – Why Early Modern English Clothiers started using Spanish Merino Wool

Saoirse Dervla Laaraichi – The Pearl Trade: Beauty and Race


11.40 – 1.00: Veiling and Masking

Katherine Bond – The Materiality of Women’s Veils in Early Modern Europe

Elizabeth Currie – Material Disguises and the Clothing of Everyday People, 1550-1650

Luisina Silva Blanc – “Pragmatica Sancion, que su Magestad Manda:” Sumptuary Laws in Colonial Latin America


1.20 – 2.10: Re-Use and Recycling

Cecilia Aneer – Practices of Reuse and Principles of Material Management: The Swedish Royal Wardrobe as a Material Resource c. 1540-1620

Katarzyna Moskal – Second Life of Clothes and their Ornamentation in 17th-century Krakow and and the Surrounding Area


2.30 – 4.00: Continuity and Change

Sean Manning – The Medieval Logic of Early Modern Doublet-Making

Martina Hřibová – Textile Materials in Men’s Spanish Fashion from Valladolid

Pat Poppy – Russet: the Decline and Disappearance of a Fabric


DAY TWO: Friday 8 October 2021


10.00 – 11.20: Nature, Health and Beauty

Victoria Munn – The Flaming Crown: Red Hair in Elizabethan England

Mirren Brockies – “Worne about the neck:” The Materials of Health in Early Modern England

Zara Kesterton – Florals for Spring? The Use of Three-Dimensional Flowers in 18th-century Fashion


11.40 – 1.00: Animal Fibres and Innovation

Carlo Scapecchi – “Nova Inventione di metter in opera il pelo di capra:” Weaving Goat Hair in Late Renaissance Florence (1581-1592)

Jane Malcolm-Davies – Finding a Fitting Fleece for Fulling: Investigating the Role of Fabric Finishing in Early Modern Headwear

Lesley O’Connell Edwards – Wool and Silk Knitted Stockings in 16th-century England


1.20 – 3.00: Trimmings and Embroidery

Cecilia Candréus – Managing Materials for Embroidery in the Royal Workshops in mid-16th-century Sweden

Lena Dahrén – Trimmed with Gold and Silver

Cecilia Gunzburger – Fashion and Civility: The Material Meanings of Linen Lace


The conference is organised by Sarah Bendall and Rebecca Unsworth in conjunction with the Sartorial Society, with thanks to the Pasold Research Fund.

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