Appel à contribution : « Depicting emotions in Eastern and Central Europe (1400-1900) », Pise, Astarte Edizioni, date limite le 15 décembre 2021

Edited Volume “Depicting emotions in Eastern and Central Europe (1400-1900)”. Edited by Silvia Marin Barutcieff, Pisa, Astarte Edizioni, 2022. The language of the volume is English.

In the last two decades a number of scholars have published writings concerned with the history of emotions. These contributions examining the ʻemotional regimesʼ (William M. Reddy, 2001), ʻemotional communities’ (Barbara H. Rosenwein, 2006, 2016), ʻvocabulary of feelingʼ (Ute Frevert et al., 2014), ʻemotional bodiesʼ (Dolores Martin-Moruno, Beatriz Pichel, 2019) confirm the growing interest towards affective life in the area of humanities.

The present volume seeks to analyze the various ways of representing emotions in visual culture of Eastern and Central Europe. It aims to highlight the instruments, strategies and solutions pursued by different kinds of artists between 1400-1900, in order to underline the emotional dimension of characters, scenes, relationships or processes.

Historical scope of the volume: 1400-1900
Geographical context: Eastern and Central Europe

Possible essay topics include:

– Ways of depicting positive and negative emotions (joy, amusement, delight, contentment, pleasure, exuberance, euphoria, disappointment, sadness, grief, lamentation, sorrow, misery, hopelessness, melancholy, concern, fear, anxiety, despair, panic, horror, irritation, exasperation, anger, rage, resentment, astonishment, consternation etc.)
– Visual representations concerning the display or the restraint of emotions in various contexts
– Individual/collective emotions, private/public emotions
– Scenes of emotions (domestic, religious, social, political spheres)
– Emotions occurred between humans and animals, humans and objects
– Genre and feelings (portrait and emotions, landscape and emotions)
– Gendering emotions in visual arts

Please send 300-word proposals, along with a provisional essay title to

Deadline for proposal abstracts: December 15, 2021
Notification of acceptance: January 15, 2022
Completed essays (6000-8500 words) will be due no later than July 15, 2022
Anticipated publication of the volume: End of 2022
All manuscripts are thoroughly refereed through a double-blind peer-review process.


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