Appel à contribution : « Architecture of Medieval Port Cities. Italy and the Mediterranean », Convivium X/1, date limite le 1er mai 2022

Deadline for abstracts: 1 May 2022
Deadline for manuscripts: 31 August 2022
Deadline for complete articles: 31 January 2023

Recent scholarship has explored port cities of the medieval and early modern Mediterranean—from the Iberian peninsula, to Italy and North Africa, to the Levant—as complex sites of artistic encounter, exchange, and mobility. In dialogue with current research on the movement of artworks, materials, and people across the Mediterranean world, we invite art and architectural historians, archeologists, and historians to consider the forms and cultural dynamics of port cities themselves. These natural and built environments both configure relationships between land, sea, and the world beyond, and create unique spatial, cultural, social, and economic conditions for artistic production and transformation.

Building upon research presented in “Architecture and Mediation in Medieval Mediterranean Port Cities,” a panel held at the Annual Conference of the Society of Architectural Historians in Spring 2020, the co-editors will bring together a collection of essays in a special issue of the journal Convivium, which will be published in April 2023.

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Florence Larcher

Florence Larcher est doctorante à l'Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. Ses recherches sur les images de saint Roch en Italie de 1350 à 1680 l'amènent à étudier la peinture murale, la sérialité et l'itinérance des peintres.

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