Parution : Wietse de Boer, “Art in Dispute Catholic Debates at the Time of Trent”, Brill, Leyde, 2021


Art in Dispute – Catholic Debates at the Time of Trent. With an Edition and  Translation of Key Documents | Brill


Series :  Brill’s Studies on Art, Art History, and Intellectual History, Volume: 59

The Catholic Church answered Reformation-era contestations of the cult of images in a famous decree of the Council of Trent (1563). Art in Disputerevisits this response by focusing on its antecedents rather than its consequences. The mid-sixteenth century saw, besides new scholarship on Byzantine doctrines, heated debates about neo-scholastic interpretations. Disagreement, suppressed at Trent but re-emerging soon afterwards, centered on the question whether religious images were solely signs referring to holy subjects or also sacred objects in their own right. It was a debate with major implications for art theory and devotional practice.

The volume contains editions and translations of texts by Martín Pérez de Ayala, Matthieu Ory, Jean Calvin, Ambrogio Catarino Politi, and Iacopo Nacchianti, along with a previously unknown draft of the Tridentine decree.

Publication Date : 02 Dec 2021


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