Exposition : « Madonnas and Miracles », Cambridge – The Fitzwilliam Museum, du 7 mars au 4 juin 2017.

Madonnas and Miracles – The Fitzwilliam Museum

Madonnas and Miracles exposes a hidden world of religious devotion in the Italian Renaissance home. Bringing together a wealth of objects, including jewellery, ceramics, books, sculptures and paintings, the exhibition invites us into a domestic sphere that was charged with spiritual significance. Drawing materials from across the Italian peninsula, and juxtaposing fine works of art with humble and everyday artefacts, Madonnas and Miracles offers a vivid encounter with Renaissance spirituality and domesticity. Transforming our understanding of a period that is often cast as intensely worldly and secular, the exhibition will also offer its audiences a new appreciation of the relationship between the material and the divine.

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