Exposition : « Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael around 1500 », Londres – National Gallery, du 1er septembre 2017 au 28 janvier 2018.

See the only marble sculpture by Michelangelo in the UK and explore its relationship to works by Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael

In 1501 Leonardo exhibited a now lost full-size drawing of the Virgin and Child with Saint Anne. Leonardo’s animated, mobile figures impressed the younger Michelangelo who adapted them for his marble Taddei Tondo (1504–05), imbuing them with an emotional expressiveness alien to Leonardo’s otherworldly approach.

Raphael not only quickly assimilated Leonardo’s style, but also made drawings after Michelangelo’s works, including the tondo; integrating Michelangelo’s emotive dynamism into his own harmonious, idealised artistic style.

An extraordinary loan from the Royal Academy; the ‘Taddei Tondo’ is displayed alongside choice works by all three artists from the National Gallery Collection. The special display offers a unique opportunity to study the artistic relationship between three great masters – respectful friends and acrimonious rivals – whose work was crucial to the development of the High Renaissance style.



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