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Appel à contribution : « Artistic Interactions between Italy, Spain, and the Americas (1500–1750) », Visual Culture in Early Modernity, date limite le 16 décembre 2019

This edited volume will focus on the circulation and reception of early modern Italian and Spanish art and architecture in North and South America and vice-versa. A deeper understanding of the questions and issued raised by empire, colonialism, imperialism can be better understood by triangulating this project’s focus on artistic exchanges among Italy, Spain, and America. In contrast to Spain’s involvement in the Americas, general claims about Italy’s indirect participation in the American colonial enterprise...

Appel à publication : « Emotions, Art, and Religion in Europe, Africa, and the Americas, c. 1400–1800 », date limite le 30 mars 2018

The “emotional turn” has prompted numerous studies on the history of emotions in the medieval and early modern periods. Many of these studies have been oriented towards texts rather than images, although recently visual culture, especially among medievalists, has played a more prominent role in these investigations. Nevertheless, there is still much to be explored about the role of visual and material culture in the history of emotions in the late medieval and early modern...

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