Étiqueté : architecture moderne

Parution : Gillian B. Elliott, Anne Heath, “Art, Architecture, and the Moving Viewer, c. 300-1500 CE, Brill, Leyde, 2022

Series :  Art and Material Culture in Medieval and Renaissance Europe, Volume: 18 Volume Editors : Gillian B. Elliott and Anne Heath Premodern architecture and built environments were fluid spaces whose configurations and meanings were constantly adapting and changing. The production of transitory meaning transpired whenever a body or object moved through these dynamic spaces. Whether spanning the short duration of a procession or the centuries of a building’s longue durée, a body or object...

Appel à contribution : « Copying and Imitation in Early Modern Architecture », Bruxelles/Gand, UCLouvain et UGent, Juin 2023, date limite le 15 juillet 2022

Organizers Nele De Raedt, Elizabeth Merrill Concept This research project takes as its premise the notion that practices of imitation and direct copying were integral to architectural design and production in early modern Europe. Architectural theory of the time posited that architecture was an art in constant evolution based on the practice of imitation. In such theories, the imitation of models, in order to create new designs, necessarily included an element of invention, which allowed...

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