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Colloque : « The Role of the Senses in Medieval Liturgies and Rituals », Padoue, Palazzo Bo – Aula Nievo, 21-23 septembre 2022

By the Late Middle Ages, the liturgy has become the most important and elaborate ceremonial of Christianity in an already highly ritualised society. Indeed, rituals dominated the everyday life of the faithful, from the Divine Office and the Mass to the individual reading of the Hours; and they accompanied the life of people from their birth to their last breath. Besides, liturgy called for collective involvement and aimed at engaging the faithful by stimulating their...

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Parution : « ‘Ornamenta Sacra’. Late Medieval and Early Modern Liturgical Objects in a European Context », Louvain, Peeters Publishers, 2022

This volume is dedicated to the study of late medieval and early modern liturgical objects, once known as ornamenta sacra. It encompasses a wide range of objects made of various materials and techniques which are not only essential for the rites, but also hold a central position in the religious and artistic production of the past. The contributions to this volume understand them at the heart of a system of complex relationships which make them...

Colloque : « The Performativity of Liturgical Art », HNA conference, La Haye, 3 juin 2022

This session seeks to investigate the performativity of the late medieval and early modern liturgical heritage from the Southern Netherlands. As liturgical objects are endowed with a ritually instituted efficacy, they lead indeed to a reflection on performativity. The performative turn in the Humanities is in line with the renewed interest in rituals and their relationships to objects, artistic or not. This approach has opened new avenues of research in art history. In this respect,...

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