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Séminaire : Lisa Di Crescenzo, « Questions of Émigrée Agency : A Florentine Governess at the Este Court, 1480–1491 », Londres, Senate House, 2 mars 2023

This paper spotlights Luisa Strozzi (1434–1510), Florentine-born patrician émigrée in Ferrara, to examine her decade-long court appointment during widowhood to the household of Eleonora d’Aragona, duchess of Ferrara, as governess for her daughter Isabella d’Este. Foregrounding her closeness to Eleonora and the duchess’s connection with the Strozzi in Naples, as well as Eleonora’s important capacity as regent, I argue that Luisa shrewdly exploited her position as governess and presence at court to intervene on behalf...

Parution : Gaia Prignano, “Musical Images at the Court of Alfonso I d’Este”, Turnhout, Brepols, 2022

Alfonso I d’Este ruled Ferrara from 1505 to 1534. His passionate patronage raised the arts and music to unprecedented heights despite frequent wars and chronic economic difficulties. His reign was characterized by a stunning proliferation of sacred and profane musical images, reflecting the central role played by music in his personal life and the city as a whole. Musical elements featured in works commissioned not only by the Duke himself but also by other members...

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