Étiqueté : histoire de la cartographie

Conférence en ligne : Mapping Worlds: Medieval to Modern, Londres, The Warburg Institute, le 12 avril à 15h

Alessandro Scafi (Senior Lecturer in Medieval and Renaissance Cultural History) The aim of this course is to explore how maps have served to order and represent physical, social and imaginative worlds from around 1200 to 1700. The focus is on the iconographic character of maps and the complex relation between art and science that is found in mapmaking throughout history. The students will be introduced to a wide range of images from different time periods...

Conférence : Elli Doulkaridou, « The Battista Agnese Atlas of the John Carter Brown Library. Preliminary remarks on its decorative system ». En ligne, 20 janvier 2021, 21h (Paris)

Abstract About eighty manuscript atlases made by the prolific sixteenth-century Italian cartographer Battista Agnese survive. However, none of these manuscripts carries such an extensive decorative program as the John Carter Brown Library’s example. Probably destined as a gift to Philip II of Spain, the Atlas’ borders weave a subtle discourse. Enveloping the known and discovered new worlds in ornate frames, the Atlas encourages a global, geopolitical, and aesthetic perspective on Charles V’s son and heir....

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