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Colloque en ligne : Quo Vadis: Digital Mapping and Medieval Studies Today, le 6 octobre 2022

October 6, 2022, 12:00pm to 2:30pm Zoom presentation Whether scholars are annotating restored images of medieval maps or plotting data on modern cartographic platforms, the challenges they face in representing medieval spatial data remain largely unanswered. In this virtual symposium, participants will discuss what has already been accomplished with online medieval maps and mapping projects, and identify the larger questions concerning this genre of digital scholarship. Part I (Digital Mapping and Medieval Studies: Approaches), moderated by Laura Morreale (Digital Medievalist),...

Conférence : Stefaan Missinne, “Il Mappamondo di Leonardo da Vinci del 1504”, Florence, Université de Florence, 21 novembre 2019, 17h

Professor Stefaan Missinne received his PhD from the Economics University in Vienna in 1990. He is Laureate of the Prince Albert Foundation and Managing Director of the Ginkgo GmbH. As a collector of antique maps, globes, old paintings and art chamber objects, he was a scholar of the Viennese art expert, Count Eugen von Philippovich. He is a member of the International Map Collectors’ Society, the Washington Map Society, the International Coronelli Society for Research...

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