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Conférence : Victor Schmidt, « Renaissance Processional Banners and Standards from the Marches », en ligne, le 3 juin, 18h00

Processional banners and standards form a fascinating category in early modern painting. The largest group of extant Italian specimens were commissioned in the Marches (or painted by artists from that region). Some are modest artefacts, while others are the work of the greatest painters of the period, such as Gentile da Fabriano, Luca Signorelli, Perugino, Raphael and Titian. In this lecture, Victor Schmidt will discuss a number of aspects of these paintings, including typology, function,...

Conférence en ligne : ‘A Society on Show: State Processions in Renaissance Venice (1495-1600)’, Londres, The Warburg Institute, le 24 février 2021 à 17h30

Matteo Casini (University of Massachusetts, Boston), A Society on Show: State Processions in Renaissance Venice (1495-1600) From the well-known Palm Sunday Procession in 1495 to the early 17th century, the main State processions in Venice were extraordinary feasts in which intense acts of religious devotion were intertwined with civic splendor and symbolism. Long corteges developed with hundreds of participants, particularly in St. Mark’s Square, and their exhibition lasted hours. The church and confraternities appeared with...

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