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Exposition : « Caravaggio and Bernini », Vienne – Kunsthistorisches Museum, du 15 octobre 2019 au 19 janvier 2020

The baroque spectacle full of drama and passion In fall 2019, a line-up of singular masterpieces is coming together in Vienna: paintings by Caravaggio, sculptures by Bernini, and other main works of early Roman Baroque will be shown at the Kunsthistorisches Museum. The Special Exhibition entitled Caravaggio & Bernini shows how stirring emotions all of a sudden came to be a subject matter for painting and sculpture. The show combines spectacular loans from all over...

Exposition : « Ultrecht, Caravage et l’Europe », Ultrecht – Centraal Museum, du 16 décembre au 24 mars 2019.

At the start of the Dutch Golden Age, Rome was the centre of the world. Young painters from across Europe made their way to the Eternal City, where – so the rumour went – the painter Caravaggio had caused a revolution. A new realism in the art of painting, unparalleled drama, grand gestures and mysteries of light: everyone wanted to see it for themselves. Among them were the Utrecht painters Dirck van Baburen, Hendrick ter...

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